A custom app can transform your business.

We build mobile and web apps that help your business reach your customers and team on the devices they use the most.

Whether you want to create a mobile dashboard for your business, or need a way for your team to log and track their jobs on the go, we can help with a custom app.


You dream up the features. We add them to your app.

User logins
Users can sign up, login and see app content unique to them.
Ecommerce cart
Sell your products online or collect service payments with a mobile payment system.
Complex forms
Collect information from app users with custom complex forms.
Media uploads
Allow users or admins to add photos, videos and text content.
Digital signatures
Collect digital signatures from app users.
Membership systems
Collect payments from members and gate content that only they can see.
Custom integrations
We can connect your app to your other software tools.


We build apps for clients across a wide range of industries.

Sport &Β Fitness
Performance tracking, workout databases, result logging, team communication, fixtures &Β event calendars.
Professional Services
Client CRMs, mobile filing systems, custom project management tools.
Custom project management tools, equipment inspection auditing, site and staff management.
Property Management
Property and client CRMs, tenant communication tools, lead canvassing, information collection.
Hospitality & Retail
Auto-backups of your website content.
How it works.

We work fast.


We discuss your business's unique needs with you.
1 week


We develop the app and get your feedback along the way.
2 weeks


We rigourously test the app with you, and iron out any bugs.
1 week

It's yours!

We hand over the app to you and teach you how to use and maintain it.

Ready to get started?

We looked around at a few of the options out there for getting a custom app built. B3 helped us get version one of our app fully built and tested in a couple of days
Chloe Freeman, startup incubator
Why should we choose you?
We offer the right blend of technical expertise, quick turnaround and fair prices.
Can you manage my existing site/app?
No, sorry. We prefer to create custom systems from scratch.
How much do you charge?
Less than the fancy agencies with exposed brick offices. Get a free quote.